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What does Bitonic Mean? The Comprehended Information of Bitonic

by Nina Smith

Suppose you want to know which Crypto platform has become the Netherlands’ pioneer, the best answer is Bitonic. Bitonic is a Crypto platform that was already established in Holland in 2012. This platform has successfully sold 500.000+ Bitcoins in Europe so far. 

Bitonic is the real solution in the Crypto exchange platform. It provides simple, fast, and reliable services to its clients. The main service provided by Bitonic is the simple buying activity by using iDeal or BanContact. Not only that, but this platform also provides a fast and easy transfer, which allows you to receive or send the Bitcoin immediately after you make the transaction. More information: https://www.crypto.nl/bitonic/.

Recently, Bitonic has created a new innovation named BL3P. BL3P can be considered as the one and only Crypto exchange platform in Holland. It was launched in 2016 and served the whole of Europe three months after it was released. Hence, this platform is accessible for the people who live in that continent, and also, the fiat currency that is accepted in this platform is Euro.

The other point plus in Bitonic is facilitating the non-profit communities and organizations to be able to receive the donation that manifested as Bitcoin instead of money. Not only that, but Bitonic also provides the service for the conventional business to make a transaction by using Bitcoin.

Bitonic Review – The Oldest Bitcoin Exchange In the Netherlands

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Bitonic is an innovation withinside the alternate crypto enterprise nowadays. It is likewise referred to as the famed Bitcoin broking in the whole of Europe, particularly in Amsterdam and Baarn, in which they’re headquartered. Bitonic first released in Spring 2012 as the enterprise that offered a high-quality platform for promoting or shopping Bitcoin in Europe. The excellent popularity led this platform to success to selling, which is known that till these days, they have already sold more than 500.000+ Bitcoins from their platform. In 2017, Bitonic released their advanced Crypto trade platform named BL3P, which successfully hit the Crypto marketplace in 2024.

Why Bitonic Exchange?

Why Bitonic exchange? The best answer is because this Crypto exchange platform is the best place that you can ever found in the world that gives a chance for newcomers to be able to use and make some transactions within the platform. Get into Bitonic’s website. You will find the simple and aesthetic design with the precise composition (not giving too many features, menus, and the other components) that make the people who never get into the Crypto platform can easily navigate that website. Bitonic provides clear information about Cryptocurrency and gives you clear clues on finding the panel within the website. 

The customer service is also available 24/7 and dedicated their time and hospitality bring the best information about Cryptocurrency, how to buy or sell them, and several questions that you may want to ask them.

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The more reason why you should choose Bitonic is that they provide a fast transfer system. Thus, whenever you make a purchase or successfully sell Bitcoin, your money or coin will be sent to your bank account or your e-wallet immediately. This is a true solution given by Bitonic because the transfer phase can take a day or even two in the other platform. While on Bitonic, you can get what you want in 15 minutes only or less.

One of the disadvantages of Bitonic is perhaps the scope of their service area that is only serving the people within Europe. Even if it sounds not too crucial, there are many people out there who are willing to join the Bitonic, and sadly, they cannot get access due to this restriction. 

The limitation of service is affecting the currency that Bitonic accepts. You cannot purchase Bitcoin by using the U.S Dollar or Pound sterling. They only accept the Euro as the one and only fiat currency to buy their Crypto products and their services. Hence if you want to buy Bitcoins there, you should exchange your money for Euro first.

Apart from the disadvantage above, Bitonic has still become the best Crypto exchange platform in Europe and the world. One of the evidence is Bitonic facilitating the non-profit communities and organizations to receive the donation in the form of Bitcoin through Bitonic. Not only that, but Bitonic is also facilitating the conventional business to be able to receive the payment with Bitcoin. It seems like Bitonic is taking serious about making Bitcoin become the Cryptocurrency that can be applied in any aspect of commercial, not only in the online system but also in the real-life,

Conclusion – Bitonic Review

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In conclusion, Bitonic is the oldest Crypto exchange platform in the Netherlands. The status of the pioneer of the Crypto platform does not make Bitonic stuck and never innovating. Nevertheless, Bitonic is always developing their services and bringing new solutions to answer all of their client’s problems, starting from the fast and reliable transfer of both Bitcoin or the fiat currency. Bitonic also provides the best price ever to their clients, which they never charge the clients over the withdrawal. The clients only have to pay the network fee, and it is considerably low compared with the extra fee that you can find on the other Crypto platforms elsewhere.

Bitonic is newbie-friendly. It means that everyone who never gets in-touch with Cryptocurrency or Crypto trading will understand it. Bitonic provides the help that can be reached on their FAQ, articles or the customer service that will always be there whenever the clients need some help.

If you think you need more information and tutorials about Bitcoin and how to sell or buy it, you can join the Bitonic Academy. Bitonic Academy is the platform provided by Bitonic to help you to be more understanding with Cryptocurrency. Bitonic will give you the comprehended learning materials, tutorials, presentations, and in-depth assistance. In short, you don’t have to worry anymore about Cryptocurrency because Bitonic will give you anything you need. Join Bitonic today, and you will see that Bitonic is the best solution to solve all of your needs in Crypto matters.