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Companies that Care For the Military

by Cristina Alexander

Supporting our troops is a great endeavor, but sometimes it can be hard to determine exactly how to do it. One practical way that civilians can support our troops is to support companies that care for the military. These companies have vast resources and influence that allows them to make a greater impact than we could on our own. These 7 companies have a proven track record of caring for the military:

1. Allstate Insurance

Allstate has a long history of supporting the military. In fact, Allstate was founded by a World War II veteran, and the company has been committed to hiring veterans ever since. Allstate was one of the first companies to offer military personnel free life insurance, and it continues to offer discounts and other benefits to military families.

According to Motor 1 Allstate Insurance has been a leader in hiring reservists and National Guard members, providing them with training and support so that they can excel in their civilian careers. Allstate is also proud to offer a variety of discounts and programs to help military members and their families save on car and homeowners insurance. They offer a Military Rewards program that provides exclusive savings for those who have served or are currently serving in the military.

In order to provide excellent service to our troops, Allstate has a team of dedicated military insurance specialists who are available to answer any questions that our soldiers may have to help them find the coverage that’s right for them.

2. American Home Shield

Source: unsplash.com

American Home Shield is committed to supporting the military community. They understand the unique challenges that military families face, and offer a variety of programs and services designed to assist soldiers. From military discount programs to a job placement assistance initiative, they are dedicated to helping military families make a smooth transition back to civilian life.

American Home Shield are also proud to partner with a number of military-focused charities, including the USO and Operation Gratitude. American Home Shield believes that it is our responsibility to give back to those who have given so much for our country, and are honored to support the military community in any way they can.

3. The Hartford

The Hartford has a long history of supporting the military which started when it was founded by the veterans of the Revolutionary War. Since then, The Hartford has continued to show its support through their altruistic efforts.

The Hartford offers discounts on auto and home insurance for active military members and veterans and also provides financial assistance to families of fallen soldiers through its Wounded Warrior Project.

The Hartford employs a number of veterans and reservists, and it is a frequent sponsor of military events and functions. Through these initiatives, it is clear that The Hartford cares about the military and is committed to supporting those who have served or are currently serving our country.


Source: usaajobs.com

USAA was founded in 1922 by a group of 25 U.S. Army officers who wanted to pool their resources to provide insurance coverage for themselves and their families. Inexpensive auto insurance was the first product offered, and it quickly became popular among military families.

The company expanded its offerings to include life insurance, home insurance, and other products over the years, and today it is a leading provider of financial services for both active-duty military members and veterans. USAA has always been committed to serving those who serve our country, and it continues to be a trusted source of protection and support for military families.

5. Verizon

Verizon wireless shows their support to our troops through offering a variety of discounts and programs to support military families. They offer an exclusive 15% discount on Verizon Wireless service for active-duty and reserve members, as well as National Guard members and veterans.

They also provide a special military calling plan that offers free calls to family and friends who are also on the Verizon network. Another perk that Verizon offers is discounts on their FiOS TV and Internet service for military families. Verizon is proud to support the military community and are committed to making it easy for military families to stay connected.

6. General Motors

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General Motors has a long history of supporting the military. In fact, GM was one of the first companies to sign a contract with the Department of Defense back in 1940. Since then, GM has provided vehicles and other support to the military during times of war and peace.

During World War II, they produced over half a million vehicles for the military, including jeeps, tanks, and trucks. In more recent years, they have continued to supply the military with vehicles, as well as parts and service support.

General Motors is also a proud supporter of military families. The company offers a variety of programs and discounts to help active duty personnel and veterans. For example, GM offers a discount on vehicles for active duty members and veterans, as well as a special financing program for those who are looking to purchase a vehicle.

General Motors also provides educational assistance to military spouses and children. The company also offers job opportunities for military spouses at its dealerships and facilities around the world. GM is committed to supporting the men and women who serve our country, and their families.

7. Starbucks

Starbucks is committed to supporting the men and women who have served or are serving our country. They offer a variety of programs to help military spouses and veterans find employment, provide financial assistance, and offer discounts on coffee purchases. To provide further support for military families, they partner with organizations like the Military Family Advisory Network and the United Service Organizations.

Starbucks is committed to providing jobs for those who have served in the military by hiring reservists and National Guard members, and also offering tuition assistance for active duty service members and their spouses.

These seven companies take pride in the support that they provide to our troops. Make an impact by choosing to support a company that uses their influence to do good!