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9 Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Ring

by Tracy Finke

Shopping for the perfect wedding ring can be a challenging process. Unlike choosing a wedding venue or dress for a day, wedding bands are for life. You are also selecting bands for you and your significant other, which is different from engagement ring shopping.

A wedding ring is a symbol of a vow to your partner, so you have to do your due diligence to find the right ring that reflects your commitment. Read on for nine tips for choosing the right wedding ring.

1. Choose the proper size

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Choosing the right size is crucial for both the men’s and women’s wedding bands. Since you will wear the rings daily, you have to ensure that you feel comfortable. You do not want a wedding band so loose that it is at risk of falling off or so tight that it cuts off blood circulation.

If you are going ring shopping with your significant other, consider having the rings sized at a reputable jewelry store like loveandpromisejewelers.com. It is worth noting that fingers often contract and swell due to water retention and exposure to heat and cold, so you should fit the rings when the body temperature is normal.

2. Do not get caught up in trends

Trends change quickly, so you should not base your choice of an ideal ring on current trends. Unlike a wedding gown, a wedding ring will be worn for decades, so it should be timeless and classic. Check your loved one’s current style to ensure you select a piece they will want to adorn each day for the rest of their life.

3. Consider your current lifestyle

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Your lifestyle should dictate the kind of wedding band you should purchase. If you lead an active lifestyle, thin wedding bands with intricate details or huge diamonds may not be ideal as they are more vulnerable to wear and tear. Be sure to opt for a simple and elegant ring that does not prevent you from doing your daily activities.

4. Select the right metal

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A wedding ring is an expensive investment, so you should strive to purchase a piece that can stand the test of time while maintaining its visual appeal. Some popular variants of metal include:

  • Platinum

Platinum is one of the most expensive ring materials (more costly than gold), rare, extremely durable, and lasts for decades. Platinum wedding bands are also scratch-resistant and do not lose their original color. However, they can wear out other metals, so it may not be the best option if you intend to wear it along with your silver or gold engagement ring.

  • White gold

This is a cheaper alternative to platinum and is made of a combination of pure gold and white metals such as silver and palladium. This band material is polished by rhodium plating to achieve its white shine. While white gold is pretty attractive, the rhodium plating often wears off, so you must invest in regular polishing to maintain its luster.

  • Yellow gold

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Yellow gold material contains copper and silver in its alloy. You have to be careful when choosing the carat size for your yellow gold ring. Gold lower than 14 carats may be durable, but it may not look great. On the other hand, if the gold’s purity is above 75%, it may be incredibly soft for day-to-day wear.

  • Sterling silver

If you are working under a tight budget, a sterling silver wedding ring may be the best choice for you as this material is one of the most affordable precious metals. These rings appear like white gold and are available in many attractive designs. However, sterling silver requires regular polishing to remain beautiful and shiny.

5. Shop together

While you can be secretive when shopping for an engagement ring, the wedding ring does not have to be a surprise for your partner. Opt to shop for the symbol of your marriage together. This will help you zone in on the ring styles that appeal best to you, then later narrow down your favorites to the ‘one’. When you shop together, you can also make crucial decisions such as choosing different wedding rings due to distinct tastes or opting for identical rings.

6. Keep the engagement ring in mind

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When shopping for the perfect wedding band, you should consider how it will look when stacked with the engagement ring. An ideal wedding band should complement the engagement ring without overshadowing it. You may have an easier time getting a wedding band that stacks seamlessly if the engagement ring has a flush design. However, if the ring lacks the flush fit design, you should opt for mixed shape bands, custom designs, or counter bands.

7. Consider adding a personal touch

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A wedding ring will hold sentimental value to your partner. Consider making it more special by adding a personal engraving inside the band. It could be a sweet and romantic message, the wedding date, or your names and initials. Alternatively, you could incorporate colorful gems such as ruby, emerald, or sapphire to symbolize important events, including wedding month or birthstones. For instance, you could choose a blue sapphire if your wedding is in September.

8. Create a budget

Determine how much you are willing to spend on your wedding band before starting ring hunting. A wedding ring can cost thousands of dollars, so you should set a clear and reasonable target price range to avoid digging into the wedding budget.

9. Shop early

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You will have to visit different jewelry stores and think through your options before choosing the right fit, so you need to start shopping early. Remember, the wedding band will be on your finger for the rest of your life, so you do not want to make a haste decision.


Your wedding ring will be a constant reminder of your special day and the life you share with your better half. Implement the above strategies to choose a perfect band you cherish for years to come.