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How to Choose the Best Vaping Device for Your Needs

by Cristina Alexander

Starting a new habit is rarely straightforward and easy, at least when you have to do it all by yourself. We cannot expect to know a lot about something we have never tried before, which is why some advice and help is necessary as we start to learn the ropes and get the hang of things. All of this is true when it comes to making a switch to vaping from regular smoking, as well as picking up vaping despite never smoking.

Despite being around for well over a decade, vaping is still unfamiliar territory for many and beginners far and wide require assistance. The biggest help they require comes when the time comes for them to buy their first vaping device. What to choose, why choose that over something else, and will it actually be of use to you based on your needs? These are all important questions and yet the answer is not that simple.

In order to help anyone who feels like they need it, this article we serve as a guide. If you want to know how to choose the best vaping device that will fulfill your needs, you have come to the right place. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between the most common types of vape gadgets and by the end of the text, you will know exactly what you need. Moreover, make sure to click here for more info on vaping devices as well as to order one for yourself.

What You Should Look For

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Before starting your search, you need to know what features and benefits you need from your brand new vaping gadget. There are numerous models and types to choose from and between them there tend to be a lot of differences. Everyone is different so the brands design and develop devices for various customers. In the following sections, we talk about the three most common types as well as what they can give you. This is the easiest way to figure out if that is what will fulfill your needs. Based on how much you want to vape, how and when you plan to do it, and how serious you are about this activity, you can choose between hundreds of models that fall under these three categories.

Pod System Devices

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Pod systems are arguably the most common type on the market, particularly because they are popular among former smokers. There exist two types of pod systems, closed and open. Closed are pre-filled and they are easier to use due to the lack of mess and hassle. All you need to do is insert a pod and vape. On the other hand, open systems are completely refillable with flavors you want, and you fill up the pod yourself.

The biggest benefits of closed pods include ease of use, battery life, and accessibility. Devices like this are by far the easiest to use thanks to the pop-in mechanism. When you are done, pop it out and throw the pod away. No e-liquids, coils, nothing. They also use little power so the battery can last between one and two days on a full charge. Best of all, you can find pods anywhere and in many different flavors. You will never have to hunt for long when you run out of pods.

Open pods are better for vaping enthusiasts who want to experiment with flavors and create their own liquids by combining and mixing. It is also possible to increase or lower nicotine levels, which is great for those looking to lower their dependency on this ingredient. Open pods are refillable and you do not need to replace them after each use. They are reusable for a while but they too need to be switched from time to time.

Vape Pens

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Vape pens are probably the most recognizable devices because they were the first to hit the market when vaping was introduced. They are a great choice for newcomers who want to quit smoking and try something healthier that still reminds them of cigarettes. The pen look makes it portable and easy to carry around. Plus, they simulate the feeling of smoking cigarettes. The thin cylindrical shape is therefore perfect if you cannot seem to leave cigarettes behind in another way. Pen shapes have become iconic for a reason and it is easy to see why.

When it comes to the feeling of inhaling and the overall experience, the vapor that is produced exists in place of smoke. If you are dependent on seeing smoke as you vape, pens produce enough vapor to satisfy your needs. Arguably the biggest advantage of pen-style vaping gadgets is the mouthpiece that is comfortable and optimal to use. It is also off similar dimensions as most cigarettes to help bring the familiar feeling you have from puffing. The newset trend is Gas Gang disposable pen. Disposable pens are more convenient, they don’t require maintanance or charging, it’s easy to use them and they are very affordable.

Box Mode

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For those among you who want something a bit more advanced and sophisticated when compared to vape pens and pod systems, look no further than box modes. A box mode is a device that has many additional features than its less advanced counterparts. These technical features include adjustable wattages, temperature control, removable batteries, and safety features. Some even have firmware updates. The longer battery life is a fan-favorite advantage that draws in a lot of customers. The gadgets can have one, two, or three removable batteries inside for days of power. You can also bring spare batteries with you just in case.

If vapor is what you care about, know that box mode creates the most of it. It is the thickest and it comes in the greatest volume. We have one word for you to describe its true look and feel: clouds! Any vaping enthusiasts who want to dictate their own vapor production picks box modes as their go-to device. On the side of sophisticated tech thingamajigs, playing with controls can be fun particularly when you can customize your wattage and temperature. Puff counters are a cool thing to have in case you want to keep track of how many times you reach for your box mode device. Box modes can also store more liquid thanks to their larger containers. If it is your first time to use vape to quit smoking, you might also want to check out smokefreeclinic.com.au for a nicotine vape prescription.

Bongs for Vape Pens

Bongs for vape pens are used to enhance the vaping experience by cooling the vapor, filtering out tiny particles, and providing smoother hits. The term “vape bong” refers to glassware that attaches to a portable dry herb vape or a desktop vaporizer. It’s essentially a combination of glassware and attachments used to connect a vaporizer to a water-filled contraption to facilitate a better hit and/or flavor. It’s not a bong specifically designed for vaping but rather a setup where a vape pen is connected to a traditional bong or water pipe. If this is the way you want to vape in the future, be free to search for bongs online and find your perfect fit.

Tips for Using Vape Bongs

  • Choose the Right Vape Pen: Some vaporizers come with water pipe adapters, making it easier to connect to a bong.
  • Connector Sizes: Common connectors for bongs are 14 mm and 18 mm. Ensure compatibility between your vape pen and the bong.
  • Adapter Fit: Ensure the adapter fits snugly and provides an airtight seal.
  • Silicone Tube: For small vaporizers and bongs, a silicone tube can be used for flexibility.
  • Bong Size: Larger bongs provide better bubbling action and cooling.
  • Water Level: Ensure the bong isn’t overfilled to prevent water from entering the vape pen.
  • Steady Sessions: Handle the setup with care to prevent accidents.