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Charlize Theron Is 46 and She Looks Nothing Like It

by Nebojša Vujinović

Charlize Theron celebrated her 46th birthday in style. The actress is almost half a century old, but she looks nothing like it. Instead, she decided to show her body in a one-piece swimsuit that expressed her figure. Greece welcomed a goddess on the day Charlize decided to spend her vacation in this Southern European country.

It would seem that the climate in Greece is affecting Theron the right way as she looks better than ever. It was a memorable birthday for her, and by the photos paparazzi made, it was a memorable one for us. The South-African actress looked stunning in a one-piece swimsuit that was a great fit for her 46th birthday. As we’re accustomed by her, the outfit, which had a massive v-cut, was made in such a manner to pronounce her long legs. The Oscar-winning actress spent her birthday accompanied by family and friends.

Source: pagesix.com

While the climate is amazing in Greece we can’t argue that there isn’t too much sun at times. Because of this, it’s not a surprise that Fast&Furious star was wearing a tan visor and sunglasses. Most of her summer outfits are black, and the color suits the actress well. You probably agree with us if you saw the bikini she sported just another day. Just like many of her celebrity colleagues, she decided to spend days before and after her birthday on a yacht cruising a sea or ocean of their choice. Theron opted for the Aegean sea and the beautiful Greek coast. It was a trip intended for all of her friends and family.

Charlize even went as far as to throw a party that was inspired by proms, as she never celebrated hers. It was an idea pitched to her by her friends who wanted to make her feel special. Theron loved it as she shared an Instagram story and some pictures. She captioned everything with: “I love these humans more than words can describe. Only they could know that an 80s prom murder mystery party on a boat is my literal dream birthday. What a family, what a night.”

Source: pagesix.com

The theme party included Charlize, all of her friends but also her daughters Jackson and August. The entire entourage was dressed up for the occasion, and they undoubtedly had a good time. It would seem that the center of the theme was the 80s, as Theron had an outfit that matched the style of that decade. Tracy Anderson even commented on this by writing: “Looks like a blast. You are sporting super gorge Debbie Harry x Belinda Carlisle vibes here!!!!! Happy Birthday.” It’s no wonder that a celeb trainer was commenting on her photos as it is well known that the Monster star follows a rigorous training regime and is practicing a plant-based diet.

Charlize Theron is one of the Hollywood A-listers, and this is hardly going to change anytime soon. Her talent is undeniable, and her looks aren’t giving up on her. The plant-based diet and Pilates are the secret of her success, and in only a few years we’ll be talking about her as one of those actresses that look stunning at 50.