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What to Consider When Buying a Used Harley Davidson Motorcycle In 2024

by Victoria Boatright

Motorcycle riders want a high-quality motorcycle for riding on the open road and enjoying a long ride through the countryside. When it comes to purchasing a Harley Davidson, the buyer wants the prestige of the name, and the motorcycle must be in amazing condition.

A Harley Davidson isn’t just a motorcycle; it’s a lifelong investment and a dream that not everyone achieves. Those who are fortunate enough to get the chance to buy one of these dream machines must evaluate the bikes properly. Reviewing what to consider when buying a Harley shows buyers how to avoid pitfalls and common mistakes.

Review the Kelly Blue Book Value for the Bike of Choice

When buying a used motorcycle, the individual must assess the Kelly Blue Book value for the model they’re considering. Identifying the price for the motorcycle in the book helps the buyer negotiate with a dealership for a better price. Reviewing the valuations helps buyers avoid paying far too much for a used Harley. If they know what model they want, the buyer could review these valuations before going to the dealership. It gives them an idea of what to expect to pay for their preferred motorcycle. Buyers can learn more about available Harley models by visiting cleanharleys.com right now.

Inspect the Body for Imperfections

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The motorcycle body shouldn’t have significant imperfections. Since it is a used bike, the buyer cannot expect it to be in mint condition. However, they do not want to purchase a Harley Davidson that wasn’t maintained properly. Most Harley owners take pride in owning such a beautiful motorcycle, and they take precautions to avoid serious body damage. If they sustain damage, the owners get repairs and body work quickly. A Harley Davidson is a major investment, and those who are fortunate enough to own one should take care of it properly.

Review the Exhaust for Issues

When inspecting the exhaust for issues, the buyer can start by determining if the bike has any dents or signs of rust. If the exhaust pipe is dented, this could will cause problems when riding. Any signs of rust mean the new owner will need to replace the exhaust. Upfront costs beyond the purchase or the bike or insurance mean it’s a no-go.

Inspect the Steering Stem for Problems

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The steering stem shouldn’t have any signs of rust or building sections. If the individual sees these signs, it’s a clear indication that the motorcycle was involved in an accident. It also means the owner didn’t get it repaired properly after the accident. This could present a myriad of problems, including steering problems that no one wants or needs when buying a motorcycle.

Testing Out the Brakes

Testing the brakes is a must for motorcycle buyers, and the individuals inspect the brake rotors and their ability to stop properly. If the brake rotors are too thin or appear to be damaged, the buyer may want a different bike. These indicators mean additional costs for replacing the rotors before the buyer can feel that exhilaration of riding down the open road on their beautiful Harley. These extra costs may not be quite as appealing to individuals on a stricter budget. However, if they have an extensive budget, they could just purchase new rotors for the bike if the brake rotors are the only issue.

Test the Clutch

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When testing the clutch, the individual should determine if the clutch has any play in it. As motorcycle clutches go, it’s a good thing if there is a little of play in them. However, if the buyer tests the clutch, and it’s too tight or has zero play, they shouldn’t purchase the bike. This could lead to cables breaking at inopportune times and causing a serious accident. Bike buyers want a motorcycle that is in great shape that doesn’t have any faulty mechanical parts. Replacing the clutch could prove costly depending on the motorcycle model.

Assess the Tires for Wear

Reviewing the tires for wear determines if the tires are wearing properly, and if the bike comes with new tires. Some dealership may replace the tires to eliminate liabilities. Used motorcycles and vehicles come with limited warranties, and replacing the tires could be a selling point for the dealership. When reviewing used bike tires, the buyer must determine if the tires are wearing appropriately. Tires that aren’t balanced properly, or that were once on damaged rims wear off center. If the bike itself caused the irregular tire wear, the buyer should evaluate the existing rim for any signs of damage. A bent rim causes irregular tire wear and could lead to an unexpected blowout at any time.

Examine the Gas Tank

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Bike buyers examine the gas tank for problems, too. Gas tank leaks are major problems for buyers purchasing a used motorcycle. A common telltale sign is a milky surface on the gas tank. When the gas tank is repainted, it will have a milky surface if there is rust underneath the paint. The gas tank must be repaired properly and sealed to achieve a higher quality paint job. If the gas tank was repaired and painted properly, it will have a shiny surface and the paint will look beautiful.

Any signs of rust or corrosion on or around the gas tank are great reasons to choose a different Harley Davidson motorcycle.
Motorcycle buyers must educate themselves about what to consider when approaching a dealership. Several elements of the motorcycle define whether it’s the right bike for the buyer. They start by reviewing the price and avoiding prices that are far above the market value. Next, the buyer inspects the body for imperfections and any signs of rust. Corrosion could indicate that the previous owner didn’t maintain the bike properly.

The steering stem, brakes, and clutch should operate properly, and test drive could reveal any significant problems. They will review the wear on the tears and ensure that the rims aren’t damaged, and the tires are wearing in the correct direction. Inspecting the motorcycle completely helps buyers find the best Harley for their money.