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Buying a New Award Plaque? Here are 6 Ideas You Can Try!

by Edvard Berlusconi

A plaque is an object you buy at least once in your life.You need to frame your certificates. You need it to show off your achievements to others… Plus, it makes for excellent décor. Unfortunately, picking one is hard. You might not know what design options to go for with a new plaque. But no worries. We’ll resolve this dilemma for you. Because today, we have 6 new ideas to try. Check them all out, and pick what suits you best!

1 – Shield Plaques

They look like noble crests in a sense. They have an elegant look to them. With a shield plaque, you can show off an award that you feel honored to have. Plus – you can use it as a display for an important title too!

Where They Fit

Shield plaques work best on walls. They best suit a professional office environment. And unfortunately, they’re not suitable as “standalones.” They work well as a complementary decorative to other awards. So if you want a suitable standalone plaque, we recommend…

Img source: memorablegifts.com

2 – Plate Plaques

Those are your average rectangular plaques that hold certificates. They’re the best standalone option to get. And, they’re well suited for a multitude of environments! You can hang those at office or home. You can even use them for slightly unorthodox options, like hanging a “store’s license documents”!


This is the best plaque award option. It removes ambiguity when shopping. You will not struggle to pick a plate plaque. All you need are the correct color combinations (and sizes), and you’re set!

3 – Gavel Plaques

Those are best suited for professional awards and certificates. And they’re not suitable for all jobs. A gavel plaque works best for professions where much authority is involved. Those include awards in security professions and awards in public management.


Symbolically, gavels represent authority. And they best work with certificates that refer to an authoritarian job. Otherwise, you risk using a plaque out of context. You’ll end up using a plaque that doesn’t fit with the award you have!

4 – Scroll Plaques

Another excellent option, even though it’s a little expensive. Most scroll plaques are made by custom request, costing upwards of $80. But they’re beautiful. A scroll plaque is suitable for showcasing multiple certifications and awards.

You can use them for school awards. You can use them for professional certificates. And you can even use them for sports awards! And speaking of sports…

Img source: k2awards.com

5 – Keyboard Plaques

Why is this plaque suitable for sports achievements? It’s suitable due to its structure. This plaque is designed with multiple nameplates. It can display all contributing team members, and in an organized manner. So it works best for commemorating entire teams!

Extends Beyond Sports

Any team activity with a possible award can use a keyboard plaque. This can be a science team, a musical team – or a team for any activity that requires mastering a difficult skillset! However, do note that this isn’t a plaque you buy for private use. This is something an event organizer buys to frame a team certificate!

6 – Book Plaques

The final plaque award suggestion on our list. This option works best for desk displays. It’s suitable for all kinds of professional desks. And, it can showcase a multitude of info, from awards, to name tags! You can even use it at home. If you have a bedroom desk, a book plaque is a good decorative option! If you want to check out some of the best online offer of the award plaque feel free to visit Award.

Take the Time Exploring Each Option.

Don’t rush into shopping for a plaque. Because there are thousands of options to pick from. Take your time exploring multiple selections you see. Then, settle on what suits you best!