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How Bitcoin Mania is Hurting PC Gamers

by Nina Smith

The digital world is a lot of fun. It offers entertainment virtually anytime. There is always something interesting for someone and something new can be found at any time. So it is in the time of this pandemic in which we live. We witnessed the fun and excitement that the internet offered us in the days when we were locked in our homes during a lockdown in early 2024. During that period, a large number of computer games, smartphone games, and software were available for free, without any fee or obligation. It was a perfect time to try everything, and it was even a perfect time to try your luck with cryptocurrency trading.

Cryptocurrencies are something that in the past 11 years has simply begun to rule the world (figuratively speaking). People just went crazy after trading cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin is to blame. They have become the number one event in the digital world, dropping computer games to second place in terms of popularity over the past 25 years. Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that first appeared 11 years ago and which set the rules for trading digital currencies, and which was first liked by all people. So because of its placement and popularity, it is worth close to $ 30,000, which is a huge amount.

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Bitcoin has become more valuable than gaming. People simply abandoned their comfortable computer chairs and switched to mining these coins. Simply put, this currency offers a faster and simpler opportunity for fun, and at the same time for earning, unlike computer games, say the experts from askcorran.com who have been following the parallel movement of the crypto in terms of gaming for some time, and if you want to find out for that relationship with Bitcoin feel free to visit them. People with their focus on Bitcoin have left games in the shadows, and that does not suit gamers. How does this successful crypto take their fame and how do you hurt them you wonder? Stay tuned and find out more.

  1. The focus is no longer on releasing new games – if just 10 years ago all young people were looking forward to the latest games for that 2011, already in this 2024 things have changed. Most people do not have Twitch or Steam on their phones but have one of the most popular cryptocurrency tracking applications – Bitcoin. They are now focusing on something that promises a future, something that brings in good money, and something that is far more interesting and requires less time in front of the computer. It is as if everyone forgot about the new games that should be released in the near future and turned their attention to something new and promising.
  2. YouTube videos are more popular than gamers talking about popularity – open the most popular platform for posting all kinds of video content and take a look at a few things: in the trending section there are always videos related to crypto when you write in the section for Searching for the name of any digital currency or bitcoin will show you 3 times more results for videos than for computer games. Things have simply changed here and are definitely not the same as before. And this platform has started to be oriented towards those who have bigger and different interests than those of gaming and gamers.

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  3. YouTube streams have a much lower rating than record-breaking cryptocurrencies – have you seen the biggest digital crypto classrooms? In that case, open this video platform and find streaming for Bitcoin or some other new digital currency. See the number of people connected to learn and hear something new about the digital monetary world. Here you will find many more followers of live video content than all the streaming that is currently taking place on the platform. This again speaks to the popularity that is going in the opposite direction – that of currencies is growing, and that of the gaming world is declining enormously.
  4. Sales of games have dropped dramatically as bitcoin sales have risen – if just 10 or 15 years ago sales of computer games and content broke records with the spread of computer use around the world, today it is declining enormously. Physical sales have been declining officially since 8 years ago, and now sales of digital gaming content that can be purchased online have begun to decline. Now people are starting to direct their money in another digital direction. That digital direction is the relatively new digital coins that are popular all over the world. They started buying and selling digital coins that bring benefits, unlike games. Things are just starting to change slowly and slowly.
  5. Crypto-focused articles and analytics are on the rise – you are currently witnessing just one of many analytics and articles being written more and more about Bitcoin or some other digital coin options. Just how the popularity of the games ended, how it suddenly stopped focusing on them with the analysis, and how to move to another direction that has not been so common before. Do a search on the internet and you will see that the number of articles published for currencies has increased many times in contrast to the number of articles for the gaming world that have been in abundance in recent years and have been popular. This change is also something that gamers do not like at all like a change.

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  6. Social networks are full of crypto content – unlike before when even videos were streamed on social networks, whole tournaments went through them, every change or new game was written, today and here the popularity passed into the hands of Bitcoin as the most popular cryptocurrency. Just search for a hashtag or a profile/group dedicated to this monetary model and see how popular it is and how much interest it has in computer content.

We believe that this battle will continue and that they will compete with each other. These are two very popular categories that will not just disappear, but simply each other will be a kind of competition in terms of publishing content and focusing on their own topic. The popularity ring will heat up for a long time because the competition between these categories will last.