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How to Find the Best Compression Shorts for Your Style & Body Type

by Tracy Finke

Shorts are a staple in every guy’s closet. But not all kinds of shorts work for all the guys out there. Some guys like short shorts, some like cargo shorts, some like wearing compression biker shorts or triathlon clothing, while others love wearing cool and chill board shorts when going out and about.

In this post, we will look into the factors you need to consider when finding the best shorts for you!

Consider your activities

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Your activities will help you decide on the best shorts for you to wear. If you’re going out to a summer dinner, a pair of chino shorts would work great, but if you’re going out to the beach, boardshorts would be the right thing to wear!

The right clothes won’t just make you look good, but they will also help you get through your activities more comfortably. If you’re working out, sports tights men, or compression leggings for circulation will help you push through your workout. On the other hand, if you’re going out for a long bike ride, cycling shorts men will help prevent chafing between your thighs.

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What’s the weather?

Aside from your activities, you should also consider what the weather is when picking what shorts to wear.

If it’s too hot out, wearing a pair of chino or cargo shorts might be too thick. Instead, a pair of dry-fit or cotton shorts would be better since they are made of lighter material. Now, if it’s cold out and you want to wear a pair of shorts, you can wear a pair of compression bike shorts underneath to keep your tights warm. Like with compression leggings for circulation, compression bike shorts can also keep the blood running and, in effect, keep your legs warm and comfortable. Compression leggings for circulation are great for jogging or for people taking long walks especially during cold days.

What’s your body type?

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Like with jeans, some types of shorts may or may not be flattering to your body type. Guys who have wider hips and bodies would look better in cargo shorts since they fill them in more as compared to someone with a more slender physique.

On the other hand, cycling shorts men or sports tights mens would look great on guys who are medium-built. Nonetheless, both thin and large guys who do wear compression biker shorts will further accentuate their body shapes since the shorts are tight and hugging. In contrast, short shorts would look good on guys who lack a bit of height as this will help elongate their legs and give the illusion that they’re taller than they really are.

What’s your style?

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Your personal style should also be one of the key factors when finding the best shorts. Shorts come in a variety of styles and colors. Some are baggy like cargo shorts, and some are fitted like triathlon shorts mens. Likewise, these shorts also come in a variety of colors. Neon-colored shorts paired with a black shirt is a hit go-to style; it looks simple and effortless but with a pop of color.

On the other hand, cargo shorts with a loose short sleeve button-down is a great relaxed look perfect for a day at the park or café hopping. Whatever your style is, there is a pair of shorts that will fit right in and make you look extra stylish–you just need to find the right fit that will complement your physique and personal fashion sense.

Consider the material

Most guys forget about considering the material of the shorts. The material can add more aesthetic appeal and, at the same time, functionality to the shorts you wear. For instance, dri-fit shorts are great for working out, especially if you pair them with the best compression shorts underneath for added support and circulation. Consequently, cotton shorts give a more relaxed and laid-back look, perfect for lounging around or a day around the mall doing errands.

Apart from these types of fabric, some shorts are made out of special materials like corduroy for that added texture and aesthetic appeal. Since corduroy gives your bottoms some texture, in effect, it gives your overall look depth and more appeal. And of course, make sure to always check the material of your shorts so you know how to wash them afterward. Some are dry-cleaning safe, while others can be hand washed only.

Wear what is comfortable

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With everything said, you can consider your activities, the weather, body type, style, and material, but the most important thing to consider when finding the best shorts for your style & body type is–comfort.

Comfort goes beyond the physical, it also extends into your psychological well-being. If you feel good about what you are wearing, then that garment will help boost your confidence and exude your best self.

Especially if you are in a sports activity or event, perhaps, in a sport like a triathlon, triathlon shorts for men are a staple for when you’re running or cycling for a long period of time, but some guys aren’t comfortable with the idea of wearing skin-tight clothing in public which is why there are still some guys who wear shorts over their triathlon clothing.

Now, there might be voluptuous guys who like wearing short shorts; it may not be exactly flattering, but if they feel comfortable and confident in them, then why not? Nonetheless, cargo shorts may look better on bigger guys, but if it is too hot, they can always opt to wear cotton shorts instead. Likewise, even though the best compression shorts for men may not look good on big guys, if it helps them perform better when working out or doing sports, it shouldn’t be an issue.

You should consider a lot of things when choosing the best shorts for you, but always make sure that you are comfortable in them and, more importantly, you feel confident and dashing in what you are wearing.

The best shorts are out there. All you need to do is find what works for you and, more importantly, what you are most comfortable in.

There are many do’s and don’ts in fashion. But this shouldn’t dictate what you want to wear and what you feel the most comfortable in. Additionally,  remember to always make sure that when you find something you are comfortable in, it should be appropriate to wear for the occasion and wouldn’t offend anyone. As for everything else, go ahead and wear what you want. Wear what makes you comfortable and which reflects your own style.