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800 Drones Performance Leaves the Audience Ecstatic

by Elsa Stringer

Flying is one of those things that really divide the opinions of people. To be more precise, this is the thing you either hate or love. Naturally, that doesn’t mean that flying inventions such as airplanes or drones are exceptional. Since human history remembers, men always wanted to reach the sky and joining a flock of birds.

Several thousand years after, mankind has practically found the resolution to the issue that was of huge interest since we can remember. People, we can fly, literally. If you just take a pause and think about it you will see how exceptional and innovative that is.


There are many ways that flying can be interesting. When we say this, we mean about those acrobatic performances that are done by experienced pilots. Well, you will be surprised to know that this is about to change into something more artistic, we would say. People who attended the 2019 Nanchang Flight Convention had a chance to be a part of the presentation of how marvelous aeronautics can be. If you didn’t hear about this, hear now. There were 800 of drones that combined in the sky in order to create some lively images.


This performance is held in the honor of celebrating China’s aeronautic industry and their recent achievements.

The combination of these drones presented several images like passenger carriers, fighter jets, military helicopters, and good old propeller planes. One highlights the performance called the “Ghost Plane” that appeared in the sky in several variations of blue color that were pulsing for additional effect. This convention was the first extensive one in Jiangxi province that relates to this industry.

The goal of this convention was the promotion of the aviation industry and attract new investments throughout the country.


As you know, the drone tech significantly improved over the last few years. There are a lot of hobbyists and companies that experimented and introduced a plethora of new technologies, which helped drones to do much more than just flying.


They were displayed in many different colors in order to be recognized better in the air. You should know that all of these drones were of the latest, top-notch technology that China’s aviation industry has. Furthermore, they were controlled by wireless dongles that are built-in.