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The Jaguar With the Best Design Since the E-Type Gets a Remake

by Elsa Stringer

It has been eight years since the Jaguar F-Type has been in production and the company has decided that it needed a facelift. But changing the looks of the car that had its design so widely liked is ultimately going to be risky.

The facelifted F-Type has larger grills and a changed headlight build. But when you look at the configuration it is mostly the same as the initial F-Type. We will start seeing the new one in 2024.

Engine Cylinders


Just like the original, costumers are going to have some options when choosing the car engine, which all have internal combustion now. The standard version comes with a 296hp turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. The next level one gets an upgrade with a V6 engine and the best version has a supercharged V8 engine that gives you 575hp at 516lbs of torque. All that should be able to get you 0-60 in around 3.5 seconds.

A New Function


While its configuration stays the same, there is one thing that this new beast brings to the table and that’s the “Quiet Start” feature. Something the older model was known for was its loud engine noise when starting up, loud enough to wake up all your neighbours. But if you have this feature on the engine will start up in a much quieter fashion.

The Inside and Rear Design

2024 Jaguar F-Type Interior


The interior of the 2024 Jaguar F-Type mostly stays the same, but it gets a 12.3 inch display which has the start connection options for Apple and Android phone users. The outstanding rear design of the car stays pretty much the same.