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10 Style Tips to Instantly Elevate Any Outfit

by Ingeborg

Timelessly-chic, effortless style is definitely an achievable goal when set on looking polished at all times. From structured layers to smart accessories, every detail matters in a successful and cohesive look. Whether you’re on the hunt for ways to bring your office ensembles to the next level or looking for tricks on upgrading your weekend getups, check out our quick and easy tips on how to elevate your outfits.

1. Wear the Correct Undergarments


Let’s start with the basics: any outfit can be majorly downgraded or upgraded with the wrong or right undergarments. Your safest bet: basic, nude-colored bras that don’t show through clothing, that isn’t distracting and that offer the best support at the same time.

2. Add a Timeless Jewelry Piece


A classic pair of diamond studs, a pearl necklace or pendant are called classics for a reason – they never look out of style. When in need of a quick outfit upgrade, it’s not the right time to get creative with fantasy jewelry. Instead, take the refined route and simply count on your pearls (The Pearl Source) for an elevated look in no-time.

3. Tailor Your Clothes to Perfection

A small adjustment can go a long way when aiming to look flawlessly put together. Tailored clothing not only looks infinitely more flattering on your body shape, but it also makes any outfit look more expensive – an that ultimately translates into an upgraded look.

4. Perfect Your Hair and Makeup


Whether you add a pop of bright red lipstick or perfect your curls in those few minutes you have to spare in the morning, you’re on the right track. Makeup and hair done right do elevate your overall look – and it doesn’t take much effort or time to upgrade your morning routine.

5. Master the High & Low Balance

When aiming to look elevated, it’s all about finding the right balance. Mixing high-end pieces with more high-end will only make you look too overdressed in most situations. Instead, stick to a curated wardrobe of basics and add in higher-end statement pieces that you can mix and match easily.

6. Have a No-Crease Policy

Taking the extra minutes to steam your outfit is a guaranteed way to add instant polish. From button-downs to tapered pants, everything looks ten times more sophisticated and streamlined when steamed or pressed to perfection. Crisp lines, polished edges and a clean-cut look should always be on your radar.

7. Add Smart & Chic Layers


Regardless if you’re wearing skinnies or a more formal type of attire, there’s nothing that manages to elevate your look as impactfully as a streamlined outerwear piece. Whether that’s a timeless long coat, a beige trench coat or a navy blazer, you can count on looking significantly more put-together by simply adding an extra smart layer.

8. Opt for a Pristine Handbag

There’s no compromise when it comes to looking polished: worn-out bags should be out of the picture. A chic handbag in a classic silhouette that manages to maintain its shape is your safest bet here. Opt for one in a neutral hue if it’s an investment piece in order to be able to wear it time and time again.

9. Belt, Tuck & Cinch Your Waist

Whether you opt to tuck your shirt in, half-tuck or belt, creating a silhouette that’s flattering to your figure and that forgoes the sloppiness is the way to go. A sleek belt around your waist can be highly impactful especially when you’re pairing pieces that are voluminous. For a more casual alternative, give the half-tuck a try in order to master that effortless, yet fashion-conscious look.

10. Take Your Heels Out for a Ride


Your trusted blazer is at the dry cleaners and you can’t seem to find your sparkly studs in a rush. Bottom line: when all else fails, count on your heels to save the situation. The good news: there’s no need to take your sky-high pumps from the bottom of your closet when even a kitten heel or a comfy block-heeled pair of boots can have the same polished effect.