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TOP Harness Women’s Looks 2023

by Biljana Denic

The nature of a woman encourages her to always look for new ways to be attractive and desirable, to look not only for ways to maintain her natural beauty but also to emphasize the charms that nature has endowed a woman with. The best way to highlight and attract attention to the advantages of a woman’s appearance is clothing and accessories.

Leather harness woman outfit is increasingly popular regardless of age, body type, skin color, and chosen style – casual, military, punk, grunge or any other. It reflects your inner feeling at the moment, your mood – be it a romantic flirt or a passionate, arrogant seductress.

Woman harness  – the perfect combination of accessories and clothing at the same time, which can not only highlight the charms and advantages of your appearance, the beauty of your shape and figure but also set the “mood”, instill confidence in your attractiveness, add courage and individuality to your image.

Let’s look at the most successful and striking women’s harness looks and how to properly combine a harness with clothes.

Miss Elegance look

Source: temu.com

For lovers of discreet looks and ladies who do not dare to make drastic experiments in clothing, style, and colors, combinations of classic belts in the style of minimalism are made of genuine leather – chest harness leather and harness belt. This harness gear goes well with straight trousers and complements plain dresses and a pencil dress below the knees. Simple strap geometry. Not overloaded with fittings, buckles, and additional elements will complete the look and make it sophisticated.  Simple harness leather for women, contrary to the stereotype, in combination with such clothing looks aesthetically pleasing, in keeping with the canons of a business lady.

Image “individuality”

Photography women harness

A leg harness or a garter thigh harness will help add a “zest” and a touch of individuality to your everyday style. It is usually a stylish accessory that is worn over the main clothing and is a combination of straps and metal fittings that fit in an interesting pattern on the legs or hips. Such a belt can be worn on the thigh, legs, or lower leg. Material from silicone to genuine leather belt or patent leather. The most successful combinations would be a leg garter worn over jeans or leggings, a thigh garter over plain shorts, or in combination with a flared short skirt. Calf harness garters will perfectly complement your look in a long skirt.

“Super sexy” look

Source: maisoncatanzaro.com

This image involves wearing a harness over underwear or on a naked body and is represented by harness full body, crotchless body harness, or strap-on harness with a leg garter garter belt set. A distinctive feature of this harness is its anatomical shape, smoothed edges of the straps (they should not injure the skin and make wearing pleasant for the body) or the presence of a suede layer on the back. The harness for creating sexy looks has an open geometry of straps on intimate areas, drawing attention to them. Such images, of course, are not for display on the street, but rather for a special occasion and the bedroom. Girls often use such images at erotic photo shoots and at themed parties.

The image of a “mystery”

Photography women harness

An accessory such as a leather cat mask will add a touch of mystery to your look – what could be sexier than a Catwoman – passionate and dangerous at the same time. This image is relevant for parties and masquerades, role-playing games, costume shows, for a prelude to intimacy in your bedroom. The mask is a wonderful accessory that can be combined with a variety of clothes and is used for incognito. The combination of a leather cat mask with harness sets for the chest and hips is also great.

Lady fetish image

Your boldness in decisions and taste will help you create it, along with a harness for role-playing games – full body harness, a cage bra with decorative elements, leather garters equipped with additional half rings for attaching bondage elements – cuffs for arms and ankles, collars, chokers with leashes and much more. Such harness sets look bright thanks to the abundance of metal parts – cascades of chains, buckles, eyelets, and rings. Such images are suitable for fetish parties or role-playing scenarios.

Tips for choosing a harness

Source: amazon.com

Choose the harness for women correctly and then this element will add a touch of style and brightness to your image without spoiling the overall impression. To do this, we advise you to follow some rules.

  1. Harness for women should match your overall style and occasion, then it will complement the image without creating the impression of bad taste or excessive overload.
  2. The size of the female harness must be chosen correctly: it should not be too small and fit tightly, pulling the skin or clothing, but it should not sag too loosely; the straps must be adjusted exactly according to the parameters.
  3. Material: the most practical is considered to be a harness belt made of genuine leather, for wearing over lingerie – from soft nappa, for bright looks – from patent leather.
  4. Choose the right color: the classic options are black, white, or nude; for sexy looks, bright colors of red and pink combined with gold fittings are suitable.
  5. Pay attention to the quality of the fittings – it is better to give preference to cast metal fittings, and buckles with fasteners (it will be reliable and will please you longer and preserve its appearance).
  6. A good quality harness is always handmade and has adjustable straps for an “ideal” fit; many well-known brands also make harnesses to suit individual parameters.

A harness belt helps to diversify everyday clothes because the pattern of straps on clothes completely changes the image, emphasizes the dignity of the figure, draws attention to your person, and every woman enjoys attention. This gives us self-confidence.

Don’t be afraid to add new accessories to your style, experiment, and everyday clothes will become a new look.