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Top Free Movie streaming sites like Putlocker and 123Movies

by Jajce d Muckic

The internet is filled up with a large number of free websites, which provide the opportunity for people to enjoy movies for free. You will be super impressed with these websites as well. That’s because you don’t have to spend even a penny to enjoy your favorite movies. However, you will notice that there are many spam websites among free movie streaming sites, as well. That’s where we thought of letting you know about the genuine and popular websites. Any person who is searching for free movie streaming sites can go through the list and pick one or more out of them.

1. 123MOVIES

123MOVIES is one of the most popular websites available among people who are watching movies for free. You will be able to discover an excellent collection of both old and new movies in 123MOVIES. You need to go through those movies and enjoy them in the comfort of your home with 123MOVIES. Even if you are bored, you can think about visiting 123MOVIES. That’s because the website guarantees to help you with locating something to watch.

Source: ScreenTalk.com.au

2. Putlocker

Putlocker has earned a lot of positive reputation as a website, which provides people with the chance to get their hands on the latest released movies. If you are interested in watching movies as soon as they get released, you can become a loyal fan of Putlocker. Thousands of such loyal fans from all parts of the world are accessing Putlocker. In addition to the latest movies, you will also be able to discover movies that were released many decades ago on this website. According to recent statistics, it has been identified that over 65 million people are accessing Putlocker. These stats clearly show the popularity of Putlocker among people in all parts of the world.

3. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a website that allows you to watch both TV shows as well as movies. The site has earned a reputation for offering content, which belongs to a large number of genres. Some of the most prominent genres of content out of them include romance, drama, comedy, action, and documentary. You can pick a genre and browse through all the movies that you can find under it. Or else, you can even search for the exact movie through the title of it. The search box that you can discover in the Popcornflix website is a powerful one. It will never make you feel disappointed at the time of using this website. Before you watch a movie on Flenix, you will have to go through some advertisements. However, they are not capable of creating an impact on the experience that you will go through with this website.


4. Flenix

Flenix is a newly released option for the people who are looking for an online platform to watch movies and TV shows. It provides you with a massive collection of animated series as well as movies. You can think about sticking to Flenix in order to enjoy the content for a longer period of time, as well. That’s because all content shared through Flenix is updating regularly. You will also be able to create an account on the Flenix website and enjoy the content. Or else, you will be able to follow the different channels of Flenix, which are sharing content. No matter what, an endless number of opportunities are available on Flenix for you to enjoy. Hence, you will never get disappointed at the time of using this website to enjoy your movies.

5. Hotstar

Hotstar is another popular platform where you will be able to stream the movies. Apart from movies, Hotstar offers sports content and TV shows, as well. You will not have to make a payment to watch any of the content that is offered on the website. All content is accessible for free. Hotstar has earned a lot of positive reputation from people who live in Asia. That’s because this website offers a large number of Bollywood movies. In fact, the Hotstar website is owned by Star India. Therefore, it is the best option available for the people who are interested in enjoying Asian movies, especially the ones that are produced within India.

Source: techspot.com

6. Viewster

Inside Viewster, you will notice that there is a massive library, which contains both movies and animated series. This website is also getting updated along with time. Therefore, you can get hold of the latest movies and TV shows with this website. All the content can be streamed through the website without creating an account. Hence, it can provide you with an effortless movie streaming experience. You will also be able to create an account on Viewster. If you want to get the most out of Viewster, you are encouraged to think about creating an account. With the account you have, you will be able to follow the different channels according to your preferences. Along with that, you will be able to keep the history of all videos and movies that you watched on the website. Hence, you can easily access them at any given time you want.

7. TubiTV

TubiTV provides an intuitive experience. Therefore, many people prefer to enjoy streaming movies on this website. You will also notice that the site is offering a massive collection of movies. The best thing about TubiTV is that all these movies can be streamed for free. People who are looking forward to getting their hands on movies that belong to multiple categories can take a look at TubiTV. In addition to that, you will notice that TubiTV offers dedicated Android and iOS applications. If you are enjoying movies from your mobile device, you don’t need to access the TubiTV through your browser. You can download the mobile app and enjoy it. In order to watch movies on TubiTV, you need to create an account. However, this is not something that you should worry about because it can be done for free.

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