This Woman’s Goal Is to Look Like Jessica Rabbit

by Elsa Stringer

Divorcee Foxy Menagerie, 42, has an interesting dream look and she does not plan to quit in reaching it. The Michigan native started having plastic surgeries six years ago, and has no plans to slow down until she makes her dreams come true and looks completely like the iconic movie/cartoon character Jessica Rabbit.

“My dream is to have a perfect hourglass figure,” says Menagerie. Her family does not at all support her lifestyle and thinks she is taking extreme measures that are unhealthy and that do not look well. Her ultimate goal is to have 7000 cubic centimeters in her breasts only. So far, she has 6,640.

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“I am obsessed with operations and I really like the result. I feel fantastic after a procedure, like I am becoming a new person,” she says.

Except her breasts, she has had many other operations, her filled lips being the most obvious. Although she is generally very happy with the results, she admitted that she has many problems as well.

“Cooking is not a good idea, because I would look like Mrs. Doubtfire. It is bad. I have to put my leg to the side in order to put on a shoe, because I cannot just bend over. Going down the stairs is another problem. I often fell down. I have to hold on to the sides not to fall down.”


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Believe it or not, she says she was once very quiet and shy. Her new looks gave her what she was trying to escape, attention, and lots of it. However, she does not mind it, unless someone is being rude or impolite. “I have a lot of fans on social media. I love them and I have their support.”

She revealed she has many operations planned for 2020, and the first one is scheduled in May.

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