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Suzy Cortez Sizzles in a Bikini Tennis Outfit

by Elsa Stringer

Instagram and fitness model Suzy Cortez, 29, uploaded another stunning photo of her fit and muscular figure on her Instagram page, where more than 2.1 million people follow her.

The black-haired beauty posted a daring snap of herself in bikini, which was taken on a tennis court. She leaned onto the protective fence around the court, and held a tennis ball in one of her hand.


The provocative pose made all of her curves visible, her muscular arms and legs, and abs. She wore a white sports cap, white wristbands, a skimpy white top, and white thongs. She also wore makeup, including mascara, a red lipstick and blush.


The 2019 Miss BumBum decided to show everyone the results of her hard work in the gym. The exercises daily and it is evident how healthy of a life she actually leads. The post has over 11,000 likes and around 100 comments.

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She also posted two more photos, one focusing on her world-famous booty, which she pressed against the same metal fence around the court. She is holding the same tennis ball in her right hand, and a racquet in her left. Suzy also wore over-the-knee white socks. This photo almost has 20,000 likes and 200 comments.

In the third and final photo, she is leaning over the net and looking straight at the camera. She arched her back so her booty is clearly visible. Again, her muscular body steals the show. This photo has well over 200 comments, and nearly 19,000 likes.

Whatever Cortez does, she does it in the sexiest way imaginable. No wonder she is so famous online!

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