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This payment is made for placing an article on site:.
The topic of the article: "How a Student Can Overcome Absent-mindedness and Poor Concentration";
"How To Communicate With A Teacher: The Rules Of Etiquette For Students";
"How Students Can Travel Cheaply on Their Own"; "Top 11 Films about the Life and Work of Teachers";
"7 Tips for Optimizing your Learning Process in 2023".
The agreed price for the link and article is $200. The link should be dofollow, indexable, it shouldn't be closed from Google
search engine in any way (by closing at robots.txt or meta tag "noindex" and etc.)
The article should be also indexed by search engine and be visible
by entering the exact URL of the article into search engine.
The anchors: PaperHelpWriting; PaperHelpWriting;
PaperHelpWriting; PaperHelpWriting; PaperHelpWriting.
We agreed that the article is permanent and it can be
deleted or changed only if I (payer) will ask a webmaster to do so.
In any other case deleting or changing an article or a link will entail a full refund of this payment,
no matter how long time has passed after making this payment.
If you insert a commercial link from another site into our article, it will also lead to a refund.
By accepting this payment, the website owner; ; ;; conditions.

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