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Invoice Number INV-13707
Invoice Date February 17, 2022
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This invoice is for 1 link and will remain online with no expiration date (“Service”). For performing this service, I will receive a one time and final payment of $X.

In addition, I confirm that I have the full right to enter this agreement and that I am not limited by any agreement with others in order to perform the Service above. I will not knowingly violate any laws, orders or regulations, or the rights, legal or equitable, of anyone by performing this Service. I know that I provide the Service as an independent contractor and that nothing in this agreement shall constitute a partnership, joint venture, agency relationship or otherwise. Finally, I will never request additional compensation for this Service other than the Payment above, and I shall never have any claim towards Tailor Brands LTD, its employees, officers, subsidiaries or partners with regards to this agreement or the Service provided above.

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