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Paris Herms, The “Barbie of Berlin,” Has a 10 lbs Chest

by Zarko85

Paris Herms, 27, dubbed the “Barbie of Berlin,” is famous around the world because of her many plastic surgeries. Her wish is to become the most feminine woman in her home country of Germany, and to do that, she changed almost everything about herself.

So far, Herms has spent £38,000 on all sorts of plastic surgeries, operations, and corrections. Most of work went into her breasts, which is why they now weigh 10 lbs.

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She says, “I like big breasts because they represent femininity, which I think is great. I feel really happy right now in my body. When I think about it, I was really unhappy before…”

She has now finally made her dream true and is completely happy with her current look. Except her breasts, her lips, cheekbones, and nose are fake.

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She never liked her natural looks, which is why she decided to put herself through so much trouble. “I was really not happy at the time. I did not have breasts, a horrible nose. I did not have anything going for me. From now on, I find myself beautiful, feminine. People look at me in the street, they admire me. I really love me now. I wanted to look like a doll to look flawless.”

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Now that she is satisfied, she has no further plans to go back to the operating tables. Although she faced a ton of backlash for her way of thinking, she is happy with her choice. Although they will always talk, Herms does not care one bit and is enjoying every day of her life and newly found happiness.

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Source: Instagram.com

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