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Joselyn Cano Shares a Much-Needed Quarantine Pic

by Tracy Finke

Instagram model Joselyn Cano has too much time on her hands now during the coronavirus pandemic. While in self-quarantine, the bombshell delights her 11.5 million followers with sultry selfies, and that’s one way for her to pass the time.

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In the latest update, Cano posed wearing a tiny red floral pattern bra, which left little to the imagination. Her curvy hair was let loose covering her left shoulder. “I don’t even know what day it is anymore lol ? hope everyone is having a great week”, Joselyn captioned the photo.

More than 140k social media users liked her new upload from quarantine. “Awww so pretty boo”, her fellow Jessica Cakes wrote in the comments. “U are so perfect”, one of her followers wrote, and another added: “Exquisite beauty”.

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Whoa ? this pandemic seems like a bad nightmare. Can’t wait until it’s over! I’ve been staying positive during these times being home as I reprogrammed my initial thoughts of anger, worry, and stress to positive thoughts. Instead of being upset or bored for having to stay home all day I chose to make the best use of this time. I am taking advantage of the time to spend more time with my family and bond with them more. I also chose to be productive during this time and take some courses as well as take care of issues that I had been sweeping under the rug for years so it feels good to finally have time to take care of that. I have been reading a lot of self improvement books as well that I didn’t have time to read before. I am also working out at home too to not miss out on my daily workouts. We need to be aware of our thoughts and learn to be able to train them to work in our favor. We should focus on what we can control and not what is out of our control. We all deal with uncomfortable situations & will probably always be faced by them so it’s best to get into the habit of reacting to them with a positive outlook to protect our sanity. Positive thoughts= positive outcome. How are you guys making use of this quarantine time? #quarantine #covid_19 #quarantineandchill

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“Looking at your beauty always makes my week”, “Say baby you know you always look good no matter what you wear and I hope that you are feeling OK now and I will be waiting to hear from you OK be safe”, “Wow wow wow”, some of the comments on her photo read.