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Jailyne Ojeda: “We Are Not Thirsty for Men, We Like to Feel Beautiful”

by Tracy Finke

Instagram model Jailyne Ojeda shared an empowering message on her Instagram profile aimed at female beauty. The bombshell flaunted her curves in a set of revealing photos, but with a good cause.

Image source: Instagram

“As WOMEN, we get ready and try to look as beautiful as we can to feel confident, to feel good about ourselves. Not for other people’s approval or because we’re “thirsty for men” as HUMANS we like to feel beautiful/handsome and admired and I don’t think anyone should feel like they’re doing something wrong for being comfortable in their own skin and flaunting their beauty“, Jailyne wrote in the caption.

She continued: “I also don’t believe that women posting se*y pics or dressing se*y makes them a h*e, I know girls that have private pages and are always covered up but in reality have a huge HUGE body count… just saying “.

The beauty showed off her curvaceous body and let her followers get to know her a bit more. In the caption of the other photo, where she also poses standing on the sand with the huge hat, she wrote about herself.

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“I’m 22…Capricorn.. my first language is Spanish, but I was born and raised in the US.. my family is from Mexico”, she wrote, adding: “I love nature, travels, and adventure. I’m not afraid of heights at all, I love adrenaline and animals! Oh, and I’m single”.

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