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How Millionaire Astrophysicist Akhil Turai is Fighting for Women Equality

by William Gist

A lot of people would straight-up dismiss comments that point out that men and women are equal. Women are free in most countries, with only a small amount of countries where they are still in the shackles of patriarchy. And while not every man and woman understand this, there are still norms in our society that point to the fact that women are not as equal to men. You might have all the rights as men, but that doesn’t make you free, says millionaire astrophysicist Akhil Turai.

Akhil Turai is an astrophysicist, rocket scientist, and an aspiring entrepreneur that famously said that the number Pi reveals the size of the universe. His love for physics comes from one of the most legendary theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking. His theory states that if the number Pi is infinite (which it is) then our universe is also infinite. The number Pi, famously, appears a lot throughout our history and in nature, and there is a very real chance that it could one day solve the secrets of the universe.


Mr. Turai also has another theory, called Quantum Fluctuation, in which he says that our dreams occur due to a temporary change in energy at a point in the space-time continuum. Furthermore, he states that Pi tells an object how to curve and behave while in the space-time continuum to get back in its natural position from a certain point around which it is curved/rotated.

Mr. Turai considers himself an equalist, meaning that regardless of his wealth and knowledge he promotes equality foremost. Mr. Turai says that every person should be the same, regardless of sexual orientation, race, color, age, etc.

But what has made Mr. Turai think this way? Probably the fact that the world is fast progressing is a clear indicator of how much different women are to men. Women are still bound by marriage to take the husband’s last name, and Mr. Turai doesn’t agree with this.


In current times, the woman takes the man’s last name or surname. This is a tradition in many cultures around the world, and it is called a married name. The woman still has her maiden name, but the married name is used for the official certificate of marriage and future documentation. While there are exceptions where a man would take the woman’s surname, these are only in situations where the woman comes from a more influential family than the man.


Mr. Turai categorically disagrees with this act, and firmly believes that his new proposed act of surname equality will appease women across all cultures.

Mr. Turai believes and has proposed, an act where the man and woman would do a coin toss, post-marriage to chose whose last name will be taken in as the mutual family name. Depending on who wins the coin toss, the surname of that member will be taken as the new family name. The same family name will be given to their children as well.