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These Four Hollywood Stars are So Skinny Nobody Recognizes Them

by Zarko85

They were once Hollywood sweethearts, but today, these four actresses look nothing like their former selves because of how skinny and anorexic they currently are.

First of all, Anna Faris, 43, has changed drastically since her “Scary Movie” glory days. Her “girl-next-door” roles made her widely famous, and she was considered to be among the most beautiful and attractive actresses of the 2000s. Now however, she is skinnier than ever.

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Tara Reid, 44, is also often criticized due to her anorexic look. Many are saying she should gain a few pounds since she looked much better when she was not so skinny.

Source: Instagram.com

Denise Richards, 49, was widely recognized as one of the hottest and most desirable women in entertainment during the 1990s and early 2000s. Ever since her glory days both in movies and on TV, she has been skinny and had many negative comments come her way.

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Without a doubt, the most famous of the bunch is Angelina Jolie, 44, who seems to have trouble gaining pounds in recent years. For months, she has been looking skinnier and skinnier, and the fans have noticed.

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