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The May 2020 List For More Than 150 Free Minecraft Accounts Is Here

by Elsa Stringer

Minecraft is a gaming phenomenon, but many people do not play it as it is not completely free. The game has plenty of interesting features and modes to play, and it was the bestselling video game in 2017. Although the game started for PC and Xbox, it is now much more popular on mobile devices. The game has millions of players and fans around the world, and most come from the USA, Asia, and the UK. However, to play it, you must have an account, but there is an option to gain a free Minecraft account this month.

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How to get them?

We should mention that that regular free accounts offer limited features, and for the enhanced features, you need to have the premium account. The good news is that now you can get premium accounts for free.

What is a Minecraft account? First, you must create an official account for Minecraft. Unfortunately, this is the one with limited features. You are allowed to create your own desired world and make use of the available resources on the landscape. For this, you must be creative.

The game also requires you to combat enemies and other players. Spectator Mode is also available, where you can check the building progress from afar. Other features induce custom skins for characters, new characters, saving the game at any point, and access to other modes.



However, to enjoy all of these, you must purchase the game for $26, which is the premium account. This is a one-time purchase. Therefore, people thought of free accounts.
However, this is not enough for most fans. Therefore, to have the premium, you need to migrate the free account to the Mojang account.

How to Create Free Minecraft Accounts 2020 Premium

This migration is not the only way to gain all features, but it is the most effective. Follow these steps:
Open the web browser, and go to https://account.mojang.com/migrate.

Your Minecraft account details and all the other information, prove you are not a robot and accept the terms and conditions. Finally, click on Migrate Account. The page will start to load, and direct you to the verification page. Check your email for a 4-character code and confirm your email. With this account, you have premium access for free.

Now that you have the premium account, you must set it up. In the dialog box that asks for your Username, enter it. This will be your account name, which you cannot edit afterward.

create free minecraft account


Free Minecraft Accounts with Security Questions

These are some of the already existing free accounts that are protected with security questions:

Email: [email protected] Password: alitaktuk

Email: [email protected] Password: linasida

Email: [email protected] Password: xanax146

Email: [email protected] Password: xanax146

Email: [email protected] Password: bysonr15

Other Migrating Method

You can also get a free account with Nulled.to. Create an account on this site with username, password, and email. Go to the Gaming menu item on the homepage and open it. Scroll until you find Other Games. Click on any Minecraft and you will a complete thread with numerous premium accounts.

Some might not work, so be patient and try different ones. When you find a working account, create a new profile on the Profile Name. That is it!

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Random Free Minecraft Accounts and Passwords May

Email Password Latest Update
[email protected] remote12 November 2018
[email protected] saij9eiMee November 2018
[email protected] Windows8.1 November 2018
[email protected] Uebellacker05 November 2018
[email protected] peershelpI November 2018
[email protected] sylvia2381 November 2018
[email protected] craftedgames23 November 2018
[email protected] MineMagicPf November 2018

This can get rather exhausting and impractical as you never know which account might work. Therefore, it will take much time and effort. However, it is worth considering what you get.

Best Free Minecraft Account Generator

Another possible way to get a premium account for free are these websites, so try each of them as well:

MCLeaks.net – Free MC Accounts
FreeAlts.pw – Free Minecraft Accounts
MC-PREMIUM.ORG | Free Minecraft Premium Account
FastAlts: Minecraft Account Generator

Minecraft is too good and too much fun to miss out on. It is just not enough to have a basic free account because of the outstanding features. Therefore, try your luck if you want to get a premium account without paying!

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