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Tattoo Model And Addict Amber Luke Shares a Photo Before Tattoos

by Nebojša Vujinović

Amber Luke, 24, is popular online for her hundreds of tattoos for which she paid more than £20,000. Now, she shared a photo of what she looked like before her first ink.

Luke also changed her eye color, tattooed the inside of her mouth, as well as every part of her body.

Source: Instagram.com

She has more than 90,000 followers on Instagram where she regularly posts provocative photos. She shares snaps in skimpy and racy bikinis and lingerie from all angles, so the fans can get a better look at all of her ink.

Source: Instagram.com

On her Instagram story, she told her followers to ask her interesting questions. One of them did, and asked the most obvious one, “How did you look before you tattooed :)?” Amber then replied with a stunning photo.

Source: Instagram.com

In the photo, the tattooed model seems to be at her prom, hugging her mom. She is wearing a beautiful sky blue floor-length gown and stunning jewelry. Her nails are pink and she has a gorgeous blonde hairstyle.

Source: Instagram.com

This look is a far cry from her tattoo-covered body everyone knows her for. She first tattoo came when she was only 14 and battling serious depression. Since then, she became addicted and has also done body modification procedures.

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