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Afraz Iqbal Net Worth 2020

by Maja

By now, there’s a chance you heard about Afraz Iqbal. The man is a prominent businessman who owns and manages the AX Trading Group. Not too shabby for a young man such is Afraz. He was born in 1995 in Great Britain. Iqbal’s story is one of success, and this main character made himself into a millionaire.

When you work in finances, you either succeed, or you are a bust. Afraz Iqbal is the first thing as he has proven himself in such endeavors, such as real estate sales, investment banking, trading, and being the leading operative behind owned or leased real estate. At the moment, Iqbal’s net worth stands at a staggering £2 million pounds Sterling.

The money comes from his company, which holds half of the sum on a bank account while the other half is tied to investments. This is how you run a business and stay floating above the competitors. His company, AX Trading Group, operates from the UK, where Afraz has multiple employees.

What Exactly Does Afraz Iqbal Do?

The young entrepreneur uses skills to help his clients who need advising, creation of financial strategy, and above all, their finances managed. His net worth speaks of his success, which can’t be compared to any other young British businessman. His modus operandi is a simple one – respond to your client’s demands in short notice and perfect execution. The essence of his work revolves around information-based trading, which almost wholly guarantees his clients’ massive returns.

Furthermore, AX Trading Group offers consultant services to clients who want to reach similar heights in the world of finance and trading. Thanks to the staff that excels in what they do, AX remains relevant in the business and take pride in the productivity they provide to clients. The formula used by this company was tested by outside factors, consisting of investment bankers and various analysts, who confirmed the quality of what AX Trading Group offers. Iqbal’s name is already a synonym for professionalism and credibility, which creates a strong foundation for future success.

Real Estate Endeavors

Real estate is yet another financial income Afraz Iqbal created for himself. He works on operating his own and leased real estate, but also deals in buying in selling. In this business, you can make quite a fortune if you do it properly, as Afraz does. A portion of his net worth is tied to London real estate, which is proof that he understands the market, and world trends in a manner that can benefit him personally and his clients alike.

If you had the chance to see at least one of his real estate, then you know that he takes this business seriously. Every project is done with professionalism, with high-end design, by using top materials and sound names. This approach helped him attract clients from all over the world. Those clients today are satisfied with Afraz’s punctuality, responsibility, and above all, his personality.

Another thing that sets his company from competitors is the fact that they look not only to provide top service but that other people and partners involved also share their look at the world of business. Together with their partners, Iqbal’s company can do all sorts of work related to real estate, from landscaping to villa design to master planning.

His portfolio is further expanded with his jumps to mortgages and equities, which makes him one of the most innovative businessmen in the UK, and probably in other parts of the world. With the approach he currently has, Iqbal has one goal to achieve, and that is to have his name tied to only quality products that will live past beyond him. This is why we expect his net worth to grow in the coming years further.

Early Years, Education, Luxury Life

Afraz didn’t waste any time in his youth. When he was sixteen years old, it was clear to him that his future is in business. One of the most significant decisions he made was to not pursue academic life due to poor GCSE grades. Instead, he bowed his head, started working hard, and making savings for investments that would come in the future.

The first move he made was buying two properties on mortgages, and then leasing them to tenants. In London, someone is always looking for a place to live, and he took advantage of this. After that, he turned to the bank, as there’s always room to make money if you work with banks. Among other things, he invested in gold, shares, and stock. In only three years, he had £250,000 to his name. When the iPhones started to making noise on the market, his next move was to get into importing and exporting business.

During one of his rare interviews, Afraz Iqbal explained what motivated him to make this action: “I knew there was huge potential, a lot of money to be made in accessories alone. I managed to find a supplier in China and decided to purchase in large quantities, which included cases, chargers, and screen protectors. I managed to get a £1M contract deal with the big supply chain Tesco.”

This move was what made him a millionaire. With only 21 years of age, he already amassed £1.2 million pounds. Within the next two years, his net worth was £1.8 million pounds. Today, at the age of 25, he has over £2 million pounds and keeps adding to it.

While we expect him to earn more in the future, his current value is something that has people drooling. The primary passion for which Afraz Iqbal loves spending his money on are cars. At the moment, this young businessman has a fleet of luxury and sports cars. The ones that stand out include Lamborghini Huracan Performante, Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 488 GTB, and a Rolls-Royce Wraith. Not too shabby, you must agree. This was all made possible by his salary that is larger than £50,000 per month. We can’t be sure of the exact sum, but on the annual level, it excels at £450,000.

The thing which shows that Afraz Iqbal is not only a successful businessman but also a great guy is his readiness to share his experience on Instagram, trying to motivate people to work hard and to be more like him. His lavish style is not for show-off, but to make people see that through hard work, they can achieve anything they want.

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